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HBCWeb Launches!

By Karl Ginter on October 21st, 2009

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After many, many months of hard work, we have finally launched

This project was a huge undertaking by Case Studyhe HBCWeb team, encompassing a Hotel Booking Path, Sporting Event and Non-Sporting Event Ticket Booking Path, Vacation Rental Management System, and many other development features. I have outlined the site’s main features below:

Hotel Booking Path

Hotel Booking PathLike most of our travel websites, features a complete full world, hotel booking path. Hotel inventory from the Priceline Partner Network was used, and pages were built out for every Region, Country, State, Province, City and Hotel within our database. This adds up to 40,000+ landing pages that will be indexed by search engines.

The hotel booking path is also used to cross-promote the Event Ticket Listings path, with upcoming events being displayed on each city page. Additionally, for users that just want to search for a hotel for specific dates, in a specific city, we offer a quick and easy searchbox to find live rates and availability.

View the SportsStay Hotel Booking Path

Event Ticket Booking Path

Event Tickets Booking PathTo tie in the “Sports” aspect of, an Event Ticket Booking path had to be integrated. The TicketNetwork XML Service was used to build out pages for all Major Leagues, Teams, Tournaments and Events in Sports. We also implemented an ultra-functionalĀ  searchbox that allows users to quickly type and find what they are looking for, with an auto-suggest feature to help out. To once again cross-promote other aspects of the site, each Team page lists some featured hotels in the corresponding city that the team plays in, as well as other events going on in the city.

View the SportsStay Event Tickets Booking Path

Vacation Rentals Management System

SportsStay Vacation RentalsThe last major element in the development of was the Vacation Rentals Management System. The concept behind this was essentially to give customers who are traveling to watch sporting or non-sporting events, the ability to find Vacation Rental Properties, as an alternative to hotels.

Users have the ability to create an account within the website, and from there can quickly create a Vacation Rental Listing. They can then preview their listing, and once they are happy with it, they simply just have to pay the monthly or annual fee and the listing will be displayed live. An admin system is included for each property owner that will allow them to add a property description with amenities, manipulate their rental rates through a quick calendar system, upload pictures and more.

Browse SportsStay Vacation Rental Properties

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the launch of, as it showcases a wide range of our design and development abilities.

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