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Meet the Priceline Partner Network/HBCWeb Team

HBCWeb is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced designers, developers and programmers. Learn more about each person by reading their descriptions below:

Randy Schartner

Randy Schartner - President / Co-Founder

Randy has founded/co-founded and managed four entrepreneurial start-ups over the past seven years. He has quickly gained a reputation as being a leader in both SEO and SEM marketing. Through his dedication and leadership, Randy has carved out the directions that have lead to the Priceline Partner Network's achievements and accomplishments.

Andrew Loewen

Andrew Loewen - COO / Co-Founder

Andrew has founded/co-founded and managed three entrepreneurial start-ups over the past five years. As head of all technical aspects of the business Andrew is known for his creative leadership and keen insight into the industry's growing trends. Andrew's dedication to exceeding client expectations and providing quality leadership to the HBCWeb/PPN staff has been the foundation for the success of the Priceline Partner Network.

Karl Ginter

Karl Ginter - General Manager

Karl manages the day-to-day operations within the Priceline Partner Network and HBCWeb offices. From the initial client interactions, to project planning, to the design phase and into development, Karl will be your PM until the project is complete.

Rob Mauer

Rob Mauer - Affiliate Manager

Rob is responsible for all Priceline Partner Network affiliate relationships. For anyone looking to join the Partner Network or receive more information, Rob can accommodate.


Dust - Lead Developer

Dustin is our longest-running developer, having been with the company for over 4 years. Dustin is responsible for the development of the initial Priceline Partner Network White-Label platform, and continues to maintain and improve it on a day-to-day basis.

Wes Sayas

Wes Sayas - Lead Programmer

As lead programmer, Wes is responsible for the programming on many of our highest-traffic websites. Wes is also heavily involved in the project planning, and is often involved in the initial client communications.

Iain Connor

Iain Connor - Programmer

Iain also joined the team at the beginning of 2009. Along with Dustin, Iain is responsible for the maintenance and additions to the Priceline Partner Network booking path. In addition to this, Iain has built many different tools being used throughout all of our internal and client-based websites.

Glenn Generao

Glenn Generao - Graphic Designer

Glenn is our longest-running employee, having been hired in December of 2004. Glenn is responsible for all things graphical; his unique and creative approach to design has been a key to establishing HBCWeb as a web design powerhouse.

Michael Moski

Michael Moski - Business Analyst

As a business analyst, Michael is responsible for documentation relating to our booking path. In addition to this, Michael is the main developer in charge of making sure our affiliate program sites look their best.

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What our clients are saying...

Integrating an e-commerce site with an airline reservation system is no small feat, but hbcweb made it look easy. From initial development of our website, to updates and special projects, we rely on hbcweb, and they always get it done on time and on budget. Of the hundreds of vendors we work with, they're one of the best.

I really appreciate all of your hard work on this project. I am very proud of the product before us. Thanks for being able to translate my thoughts into a tangible design. And most of all, thanks for being good at what you do! Looking at your portfolio only says so much; Witnessing firsthand your mastery of web design gives me better understanding and a much greater respect for what you do. I have been extremely impressed with your level of expertise and professionalism throughout this process.

I have been dealing with HBCWeb for over one year on my various internet sites. I have found them to be very knowledgable, accomodating, communicative and their services are reasonably priced and work produced on time. It has been a pleasure doing business with HBCweb.

The Priceline Partner Network team were a sincere pleasure to work with. Redesigning our site was a major initiative for us and I know we made the right decision by going with HBCWeb. Their deep experience with travel sites, exceptional client service and design capabilities all provided for a successful outcome to our redesign initiative.

While building my business, I could not have imagined how crutial a website would possibly be. I did my research and recieved multiple bids from dozens of potential website companies. I chose HBCWeb.com in the end because of their endless resourses, the quality of their existing websites and the personability of their staff. From the inital contact, the web development managerwas professional and was able to answer my questions and concerns efficantly and with great knowledge of the field.

Throughout the actual production of my site RoundersNetwork.com, HBCWeb.com's staff was there to hold my hand every step of the way. While I completly believe in my business model, I am not versed on the technical sides of web design/production. I couldn't have imagined how much work goes into making a website. The production team were completely at my disposal, making sure I understood what was going on and how each step is completed.

As I look forward to the future I have complete confidence in HBCWeb.com and what they can do for my business ventures. I have already began working with them on building my next website.

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